astuto.US is a “Pet’s Tracker” an application that gives you peace of mind

astuto.US is an “GPS Pet’s Tracker” application that give you peace of mind. 


astuto.US is an GPS pet locator and activity tracker, is the most precise and accurate system in the world without any monthly fees!




astuto.US is the most precise and accurate GPS pet tracking system without monthly fees – a real-time pet locator and a pet activity tracker that rewards you for keeping your lovely friend healthy. Smart. Connected. Happy


Even the most well-behaved furry and sometimes wild friend will jump at the chance to explore the unknown when the opportunity comes. It’s like magic, actually… just a moment of distraction, the slightest opportunity and BAM! – they’re nowhere to be seen!


astuto.US uses the latest and newest  IoT-GPS pet tracking devices, giving your escape artists the freedom they desire while assuring your pet peace of mind!


astuto.US is a pet locator that uses high-precision Wireless and IoT-GPS to track the location of your pet in real-time. Using the astuto.US App, you can check your pet’s position on the map and you’ll know exactly where to look!


Our App includes a built-in Radar, which shows the distance from your pet and guides you right to its location. Finding your best buddy becomes so easy that it almost feels like cheating at hide and seek!


So now you know that you’ll be able to find your pet like I found Macuca, Lucifer, Pepe and Eliot. When they decided to go on one of his little solo expeditions… but how can you be sure that he isn’t chasing the Piping plover at the beach, the crabs down near the pond, a fox or a coyote in the woods? Using Wireless  IoT-GPS Geofence, that’s how! They’re easy to create and extremely effective. There are two types: Security Zones (where you want your pet to stay) and Danger Zones (where you want your pet to avoid!). Super easy and simple.


If either type of geofence is breached you are immediately alerted or a Text message, giving you time to react. This way you can relax, because you know what your furry and wild friend is up to! With the astuto.US Tracking System, you’ll never be caught off guard again.


There’s also another type of IoT-GPS Geofence, specifically designed for S-M-A-R-T W-A-L-K-S: the Virtual Leash. The Virtual Leash centers on your position and moves with you. if you’re walking your pet without a leash but he strays too far from your defined range, you receive an immediate notification. Time to call him closer!


Ever come home after a satisfying walk with your four-legged companion and want to track your path? With astuto.US Tracking System you can revisit your walks and past locations, and even analyze your performance in detail – right to the number of steps and paws you both walked!


But that’s not all – astuto.US Tracking System is also a pet activity tracker that provides you with key data and information, helping you assure that your pets’ needs are met. Maybe it-he-she-him or her’s been resting all day and needs some extra exercise, or maybe seems more tired than usual and could use some rest. Either way, astuto.US Tracking System will let you know with timely alerts on your smartphone, iPad or Computer.


And because fun should always be a part of life, Challenges and Leaderboards are at your disposal! If you’ve always bragged about your Australian shepherd being one of the most active dog or you’re just curious about how he performs compared with other dogs, this is your chance to find out!


astuto.US Tracking System was designed to make keeping up with your pets’ life as practical as possible – even when you’re not present. Using the Tracking App, you can share access to your pet with your family and friends and monitor his safety from anywhere. You can also use this feature to make sure your Pet Walker is not just talking the talk, but actually walking the walk! Sharing is caring, and it’s never been easier.


Have more than one pet? No problem – with astuto.US Tracking System you can monitor all your pets at the same time using an extra device module. So whether you just really love dogs or you walk them for a living, you can ensure that all of them are safe. No one gets left behind!


Knowing where your pet is and what she’s doing is great – but we’re the first product that rewards you for keeping your pet healthy.


astuto.US Tracking System measures each step and mile she walks, and you can access discounts on her favorite food by reaching milestones. Not only does your dog benefit from all her regular exercise, but your wallet does as well!


astuto.US Tracking System does not require you with a cellphone plan – the system is autonomous and uses all the Telcos tower and Wireless GPS Signal around. This means that there are no geographical barriers! This is why you can use it anytime and anywhere, without restrictions!


This also makes astuto.US Tracking System the most accurate and precise GPS pet tracker in the world without monthly fees! Why should you keep paying for something you’ve already bought? We feel that this mindset is outdated, and astuto.US Tracking System was born out of our desire to provide an alternative. No extra payments or fees whatsoever – pay once a year, use it forever!


Our App is available for iOS, Android, Desktop and we’re currently testing each platform’s native maps (Google Maps on Android, Apple Maps on iOS). They will be available offline, so that you can use the system even if you’re completely off-the-grid!


This new map type will also be available offline, and the entire planet will be represented. It will be particularly useful in urban areas – you’ll easily know what is the closest green space regarding your current location and it will let you discover new places to explore with your buddy!


There are two products that we offer together, one for your furry friend (Pet device) and another for you (Bracelet device). They are connected to the same system and all you need to make them work is astuto.US App.


Here is a short demo video where you can actually see astuto.US main functionalities in action:


The devices are rechargeable (a USB charger is included), lightweight and highly precise. Most importantly, the Pet device’s battery life is robust enough to last up to 12 hours and accompany your best friends on the craziest long adventures!


You may be asking yourself, “Why is the astuto.US Tracking System so accurate and precise”? At the core of astuto.US Tracking System is the Cat- M1 and NB-IoT technology. Developed and put together entirely by our team, it allows the battery to last longer and have a better wirelessly performer, eliminating the need for cellular plan communication to send coordinates effectively.


The Pet module can be attached to your own collar using the silicone waterproof protection or a Velcro strap. This method of attachment provides versatility without sacrificing security.


As for the Bracelet device, you can carry it in your wrist and forget that it exists. It’s as simple as that!


The original astuto.US Tracking device first came about in 2016. We put our idea to the test by creating a product that works perfect together with our App. We completed the system’s development, mass produced it and delivered it on the way. We are experiencing a long waiting list. Be the next one in the line.

The Pet module can be attached to any collar using the included strap. This method of attachment provides versatility without sacrificing security.




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